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Zantino Tailor online custom store can take your order right here and deliver your bespoke tailored clothes to your door. Virtually anyone can now create their own tailor made designer clothes. Simply browse through the vast selection of styles, options, customizations, fabrics and colors we have to satisfy your needs. Make your choices and complete your order by following the simple directions on the site. You can add custom tailored details just as you would in fitting rooms of the finest clothiers, and look forward to an incomparable collection of custom made garments.

The garments are tailored in Bangkok, the fashion capital of South East Asia. Zantino Tailor garments are made in state of the art facility by hand cut and process controls to ensure an exact fit. The utmost of care is taken to ensure that we deliver a great looking garment every time. Each and garment is carefully inspected by trained quality control department to ascertain that all our quality criteria have been adhered to. In addition to this we guarantee the highest quality, short delivery times and the perfect fit.

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"Let your creativity run free or be inspired by the ready-designs on our website."

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